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Browsing for a Condo/Townhouse
What must my Association do to start using the website?
My Association has its website on What do I do next?

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Browsing for a Condo/Townhouse

SEARCH: You can search with almost any criteria in the search box. For example you can enter a State, City/Town name or even a Zip Code to search for a condo in a specific area. Then hit the Search button to show results.

MAP: If you want to see info on a condo, just click on the marker. If you are zoomed out to a sufficient level and there are many condos in a specific area, they will be grouped together with a purple marker purple_marker. If you hover over that marker, it will tell you how many condos are grouped in that area. If you click on the purple marker, it will zoom-in on that group. You may have to zoom-in several times if there are many condos in that area. You can also use the Hand icon to move the map around and if your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can use it to zoom in and out.

FILTERS: You can also filter results to narrow in on specific results. You can search for condos within a specific price range, number of bedrooms and or bathrooms. You can also filter out results. If you don't want to display condos that are "not for sale" (public listing), check that box. When finished with the filters, simply press the Apply button and it will narrow down your results.

ALERTS: Once you have an area selected, you can select one or more City/Towns to add an alert. Next select what you wish to receive alerts for (Sale, Rent or Both). Then press the Add Alert button. If any condos become available in that area, you will receive an alert the following day.

ADD TO MY FAVORITES: If you see a Unit that you like, you can click on Add to My Favorites link. This will store the listing in your My Favorites section on your right hand side navigation bar. If you want to look at the unit, just click on the name and it will bring up the Profile. If you wish to Remove the listing, click on the My Favorites link under the My Profile section of the right hand side navigation bar.

LOCK RESULTS: When you move the map or zoom in or out the results will change. If you have a list of results that you want to work with, check the Lock Results checkbox and that will prevent the results list from changing. You can simply go thru that list and move or zoom the map without loosing your current results. When finished you can uncheck the Lock Results and change the map.


What must my Association do to start using the website?

Your Association must setup and maintain their Association's profile on the website. Information can include pictures, descriptions and documents. Registered association members will then have access to their exclusive community bulletin board and forum as well as the document library. All for free. All that is required is for the Association's Board of Directors to (1) designate an individual as the "webmaster contact" (administrator) and (2) notify their management company that they intend to register with condosnapshot. This generally is done by a motion at a board meeting.

Both the webmaster contact and the property manager will then independently register on the website and supply the requested information.

The webmaster contact will then identify himself to the site as the designated contact by using the "contact us" link, and supplying the name and telephone number of the associations property manager (or person assigned as the management for the association) for verification purposes. Once verified by the site they will be able to load and maintain the association information by means of a new link called "My Managed Associations" (Associations settings). The property manager will also have access to that link and have the capability to add documents to the library, change their contact information and as with all registered association members have full use of the Bulletin Board and Forum.

Please download our flyer to give to your board members to talk about this site. CSS_Flyer.pdf


My Association has its website on What do I do next?

First you must add you condo/townhouse and then link it to the Association. Please download the "Your_Associations_Website.pdf" (pdf file) and follow the instructions. Note for Associations: If you want a MS Word document that you can modify by entering in your associations name and distributing to your owners please download: "Your_Associations_Website.doc" (pdf file) and change the red text to match your associations name and enter your contact information.

If your Association has not registered on the site yet, you will be prompted to add them when you add your condo. You should then contact your board of directors and get them involved on the site and have them maintain it. Please see What must my Association do to start using the website?