About CondoSnapshot.com

After searching the web, for sites, we were unable to find a site that encompassed everything we wanted. We wanted a single site that covered aspects of buying, selling and/or communicating with other condo/townhouse/hoa owners. So this is the site that you've been searching for too!


  • Enter and maintain details of your condo/townhouse(s), including pictures.
  • Communicate about everything happening in your complex.
  • Communicate with your Association and download of important documents.
  • Enjoy public and private forums for discussions.
  • Put your condo/townhouse up "for sale" or "for rent" by owner or just show it off.
  • Search for condos/townhouses for sale anywhere in the U.S.

You will find one or more of the features useful in your ownership of a condominium or townhouse. As an owner, you may not want to buy, sell or rent, but you do want to communicate with everyone in your complex (who have registered also, so please make sure they know too). When you are away from your condo for any period of time, you can remain in contact with other registered owners and stay current on news of interest.

After you enter the basic info about your unit, you will be prompted to select or add a Condo/Townhouse Association. Once assigned, you will have private forums for that association for communication. When you register, your Association may not be on board yet, so please tell them about it and have them join the site. It will allow the Association to post important documents for downloading, maintain a bulletin board and join in in the forum discussions. It is also free for the Association to have a web presence, so have them contact us now.

If you want to list your unit for sale or rent, this is the place to do that too! It's all free. Your listing will last up to 90 days. You can extend the listing for another 90 days within 15 days of the listings ending. You can do this for as long as it takes to sell your unit.

We hope you enjoy this site. Please feel free to write us with any questions or comments.