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Welcome to!

AT LAST!!! A Website that caters exclusively to the everyday needs of Condo Owners, Board Members, and the Association's designated Management Company and it is absolutely FREE.

Selling, Renting, Buying, or just plain curious

Want to sell or rent your condo or buy another? This site makes it easy and fun to browse through postings of fellow condo owners (including your own) anywhere in the US. Post your condo information complete with pictures and association details. Display on a map where your condo and association is located with satellite images.

Library "Documents" Information

Forgot where you filed your copy of the CC&Rs? Browse through your association's on-line library and if you want a hard copy just download and print it. Need to fill out association forms for architectural or landscape change requests or to provide information about your new renter, they're also in the library. You remember that details about recycling were in a previous newsletter but you can't quite remember what they were, It's there too in the library. And the library is designed to grow as the need for new information emerges.

Association Communications

Research has shown that the biggest bone of contention reported by condo owners is inner association communication. This site is designed to open communication paths quickly and easily between owners and their management company as well as the governing board of directors. Equally important is the built in ability for owners to share their ideas and opinions with each other. A web-based forum exclusively dedicated to association topics along with a community bulletin board provides the means for open straightforward communication.

Sounds too good to be true... OK, there are some administrative tasks that your association has to do (or maybe has already done) to register your association. They have to designate a "webmaster contact" person who will have the responsibility for loading pertinent information about the association and will also have to instruct their management company to register. That's all there is to it. Remember there is absolutely no cost to either group.